Why do referees never give penalties in big games anymore? – Mourinho

Why do referees never give penalties in big games anymore? – Mourinho

The Portuguese coach has already won the Champions League, but he needs to win the Europa League to be considered as a contender for the next season. The main thing is to win in the domestic arena, because the team is not strong enough to fight for the champion title.
In the last season, the team was not able to win at the right time, so it lost the title to Barcelona. This year, the club has a new coach, who has already managed to change the situation.
The team’s results in the Europa league are not so good, but the coach has managed to get a positive result. This is the main reason for the fact that the team has already qualified for the Champions league.

However, the fans are not satisfied with the result, because they are waiting for the return of the team to the European arena. Mourinho’s players have a good chance of getting into the playoffs, but they need to improve the results in order to do it.
You can always follow the results of the club on the sports statistics website. Here, you will not miss anything important from the world of your favorite sports.
Current position of the Portuguese team in the EPL table
The current position of Manchester United in the English Premier League table is very interesting. The team has a good opportunity to get into the Champions club. However, the main problem is the lack of motivation.
Manchester United is not the strongest team in England, so the team does not have the motivation to fight against the main favorites. The Portuguese coach is trying to solve this problem, but it is still not enough.
However the team still has a chance to get to the playoffs. The players are getting older, and they need time to recover. The coach has to do his best to get the team into the top 4.
Main rivals of the Red Devils
The main rivals of Manchester are Liverpool and Chelsea. The last time the teams met in the Champions cup final, the Reds won. However the last time they met in England the team of Klopp managed to win.
There is a good possibility that the Red devils will be able to repeat this success. The club has the following advantages:
1. Good selection of players. The squad of Klopp is very balanced, which allows him to play with the best players of the league. This allows the coach to make the most of the players’ strengths.
2. Motivation. The fans of the English league are waiting to see the return to the Champions’ club.
3. Good teamwork. The Red devils have a very good understanding with their opponents.
It is possible that the next match will be decisive for the fate of the Champions title. The match with the team from Chelsea will be very important for the team.
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The season of the Spanish championship is coming to its end. The teams are preparing for the final tournament, which will decide the champion of Spain.
This year, Barcelona has a very strong team. The Catalans are the main contenders for the title. However they have a serious problem: the lackadaisical playing style.
Barcelona is not a team that can win the title, but this does not mean that it will not try to do its best. The Catalan coach has a lot of options to solve the problem.
One of them is to use the tactic of the “last chance” game. This tactic is very effective, because it can help the team win the championship.
At the moment, the Catalans have a great opportunity to win, because their rivals are not at their best. However this does mean that the final match of the season will be extremely important for them.
Team’s chances of winning the title
The first matches of the championship showed that the Catalonians are not only a team of Barcelona. They have a strong team, which can be considered a real contender for winning the champion’s title.
The Catalonian team has the best squad in Spain. This means that the players have the opportunity to choose the best lineup for each match. This can be seen in the results, because Barcelona managed to score a lot in the matches against weaker teams.
If the Catalonian team manages to win all the matches, then it will be a real sensation. The final match will decide whether the team will be the champion or not.
Barcelona has an excellent lineup, which is very useful for the coach. He can use the players in the most effective way. This will allow him to get results.
Now, the coach is focused on the final matches of this season. He has a number of important matches ahead, so he will try to achieve the desired result.
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The new season of Spanish championship has started. The results of this tournament will be really interesting for the fans. The current champion of the country, Real Madrid, is not in the best shape.
Real Madrid is in a very difficult situation. The previous season, it was in the top 3, but now it is not so. The problem is that the coach does not know how to solve it. He is trying everything, but nothing is working.
Many experts say that the main failure of the Real Madrid is the poor selection of the lineup. The lack of this lineup is the reason for many defeats.

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