Why isn’t Messi playing against Manchester City? – Guardiola

Why isn’t Messi playing against Manchester City? – Guardiola

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde has already managed to make a big impression with the team, but it is still not clear whether the Catalans will be able to challenge for the Champions League.
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world, and the main contenders for the title are:
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
• Real Madrid.
Barclays is the main rival of Juventus, and it is clear that the Bianconeri will not be able not to win the Champions Cup.
However, the team of Ernesto is not the only one that can challenge for gold medals. In the last season, the Catalonians were the main contender for the champion title, but they lost to Barcelona in the final.

In the current season, Barcelona has a number of options to improve the situation. For example, the following players have already been called up for the national team:
1. Messi. The Argentine is one of the best players in the history of the competition, and he will definitely help the team to win gold medals again.
2. Suarez. The Uruguayan has already become a real star of the club, and his performance in the Champions league is really impressive.
3. Busquets. The Brazilian is a fantastic goalkeeper, and this summer he will be joined by a numberof new players.
4. Llorente. The young Spanish goalkeeper has already made a number one appearance for the team.
5. Canè. The French forward has already scored a number 1 in the Spanish championship.
6. Rakitic. The Serbian is a good player, and if he continues to improve, he can become a great star of European football.
7. Busquet. The Belgian is a great defender, and can help the club to win a lot of trophies.
8. Lloret. The Spanish midfielder is a promising young player, who can become one of Barcelona’s main stars.
9. Llop. The Italian is a young player who can help Barcelona to win many trophies. He has already played for the club for a short time, but he is already a great player.
10. Llorenç. The Frenchman is a talented player, but his career is still in its infancy.
11. Caner. The Portuguese is a striker who is very good at scoring goals.
12. Messi, Suarez, Busquet, Llorenc, Llop, Rakitic, Lloret, and many others.
All of them are ready to help the Catalonian team to achieve great things.
Will Messi help the Barcelona to achieve the desired result?
In any case, the main thing for the Catalons is to win at the highest level, because they have a long way to go.
Messi’sthis season has already been impressive, but the Argentine player himself has not been the best in the previous season.
In summer, the player decided to leave the team and go to Inter. However, the club has already changed its management, and now the club is called Juventus.
Juventus is a team that is considered to be one of Europe’ss most prestigious, and Ernesto has already won the Champions title.
This summer, he signed a number players who will help him to fight for the gold medals, and they are::
· Busquet;
· Caner;

● Llorena;

The young Spanish midfielder has already shown himself in the first team, and in the future he will become a star of this club.
It is clear now that the team will be a real contender for gold, and Messi will definitely be able play for the Argentinean team. However the main goal of the team is to get into the Champions’ League. This is what the team needs to be able compete for the coveted title. However this season, Juventus has a lot to prove, because the team has a new coach, and there are a lot more players who need to be strengthened.
What are the main rivals of Barcelona?
Barça is another team that can be considered as a real rival of the Catalan team, because it has a long and rich history.
Since the foundation of the Catalan club, it was clear that it was going to win all the trophies. The club has won the Copa del Rey, the Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Champions trophy.
Now, the Catalan team has to show its best game in the current campaign. The main competitors of the Barcelona are:
1) Real Madrid;
2) Atletico;
3) Atalanta.
Real Madrid is a club that is not going to stop at any competition. The team has already achieved great things in the last few years, and its main goal is to achieve more.
Atletico is another club that has a rich history, and has already reached the Champions’ cup final. The last time the team won the cup was in the year 2000.
After the departure of Diego Simeone, the Atletico team started to show a lot less results, and a lot fewer goals have been scored.
Of course, the fans are not happy with this, and some of them have already called for the resignation of the coach.

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