What could be the best possible final for the Champions League?

The Champions League final is always a real sensation, but it’s not always easy to predict the outcome of the confrontation.
The main thing is that the teams are really strong and the competition is really high.
In the past, the best teams were able to show their maximum, which allowed them to win the trophy.
However, this time the main favorites of the final are:
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
• Liverpool.
They are the main contenders for the title and the victory in the Champions league.
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The best teams of the season
The season of the Spanish championship has already ended, which means that the main rivals of Barcelona are Real Madrid and Atletico.
Barcelona is the main favorite of the championship, and the Catalans are really confident.
This year, the team managed to win all the major trophies, which is really impressive.
It is clear that the team is ready to fight for the champion title.
Moreover, the Catalonians are really close to the main title, which can be seen from the fact that they are fighting for the position of the second.
At the same time, the main competitors of the Catalons are:
* Real Madrid;
* Atletico;
* Valencia.
Of course, the latter is a little behind, but the Catalonian team is still capable of winning the title.

All Champions League matches on the sports statistics website
The start of the new season of Champions League has already been marked by a lot of interesting confrontations.
Among them, you can find the following matches:
1. draw with Barcelona.
2. victory over Liverpool. The Catalonias are really good and are able to impose a serious fight on the rivals.
3. defeat of Bayern. The Bavarians are not very strong and can’t compete with the Catalan team.
4. win over Valencia. The team of the Valencians is not so strong, but they are able win against the Catalones.
5. draw against Valencia. This match is really interesting, because the Catalonia team is not able to achieve its maximum.
6. loss to PSG. The Parisians are not so confident, but still they can”t do anything against the team of Catalonia.
7. failure of Real Madrid. The main rival of the Meringues is not very successful.
8. success of Atletico Madrid. This team is really strong, and it is able to win against all its rivals. At the same, the Meralines are not able fight against the Spanish team. This is why the Catalanes are the favorites of this season.
You can always find all the results of Champions league on the site of sports data.
Results of the matches in the group stage
In group stage, there are a lot more matches, and many of them are quite interesting.
Here, the teams have to fight against each other for the places in the playoffs.
Thus, the first matches of this group stage are quite predictable.
There is a lot to choose from, and each team has its advantages.
For example, the Madrid team has a good chance of getting into the playoffs, because it has the best record in the tournament.
On the other hand, the outsiders of the group are: Barcelona, PSG, and Liverpool. In the last match, the Merseysiders were defeated by the Catalunya team. However, the defeat was not as serious as the one of the previous match.
So, the fans of the team can again say that the season is not over yet.
Who will win the most points in the play-off stage?
The teams that have the best chances of winning in the playoff stage are:

* Barcelona;
* Liverpool; PSG; Real Madrid, Atletico and Valencia. In the first match, it was the Catalane team that was defeated by Barcelona. However the Catalona team is capable of fighting for gold medals.
If the Catalanas are able, they will be able to do it in the next match. However, it is unlikely that they will achieve the result in the first round.
That is why we can say that this season of football is quite unpredictable.
Will the teams from the top 4 finish in the top 3?
In general, the top three teams are: Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, which are the most likely to finish in top 3.
Despite the fact, that the Champions will be held in the summer, the clubs are quite confident about their chances of getting to the top3.
Chelsea, for example, is able not to miss the Champions but to get into the top4.
Manchester City and Chelsea are the teams that are able not only to finish at the top but also to get to the playoffs in the long run.
These teams are the best in the world.
Now, the Premier League is becoming more and more interesting, and there are many matches that are really interesting.

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