The report that will make Barcelona fans furious

Barcelona are in the midst of a crisis, and the situation has worsened since the start of the season. The team has lost a lot of points and it is not going to get better.
The crisis is not only in the team, but also in the club. The players are not motivated, and they have no desire to play. The coach is trying to solve the problem, but he has no idea how to do it.
In the current season, Barcelona has the worst record in La Liga and is not able to defend its title. The Catalans have not won the Champions League for a long time, and this is another evidence of the team’s failure.
This year, the team will play in the Europa League, and it will be extremely difficult for it to get into the top 4. The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world, and Barcelona has a very difficult time in the group stage.
However, the club is not the only one that is in crisis. The situation in Real Madrid is also very serious, as well as in Atletico and Atletico Madrid.

The situation in the Spanish capital is even worse than in Barcelona, and there is no doubt that the crisis will continue. The club is in the middle of the crisis, as it was in the summer, and now it is trying everything to get out of it. The main thing is to get a new coach, because the current one is not working.
It is not known how the situation in Madrid will develop, but the team is clearly not in the best shape. The fans are not happy with the club, and many of them are ready to take to the streets to protest against the situation.
Who will be the new coach of Real Madrid?
The club has a new head coach in Julen Lopetegui, and he is not a good choice for the team. The problem is that he is a coach who has already won several titles, and Real Madrid does not need to win many trophies in order to get the title.
Lopetgui is a good coach, but his experience does not help the club in the current situation. The previous coach had a good experience in the past, and his teams won several trophies.
Real Madrid is not in a good shape, and LopetaGui is not capable of solving the problems of the club and getting it out of the middle class.
Will the team be able to compete with Barcelona?
Barça is not as bad as Real Madrid, and in the first half of the current campaign, the Catalans are much stronger. The current coach, Josep Guardiola, has a good record and is able to give the team a new level of performance.
Barcelonas have a lot to do, and if they do not improve the situation, the fans will not be happy. The failure of the Catalons in the Champions league is another proof of this.
If the team does not improve its results in the next season, then it will not get into a higher class of Spanish football.
What are the main problems of Barcelona?
Barca’ football is a mess, and its main problem is the lack of motivation. The squad is not ready to play in front of its fans, and even the players do not want to play for the club that is not winning any trophies. The lack of desire is obvious, and everyone understands it. However, the players have no idea what to do to solve this problem.
Many of them have already lost a number of points, and their morale is very low. This is another reason for the failure of Barcelona in the league. The Catalan club has not won any trophies in the last few years, and at the moment it is in a very serious crisis.
Despite the fact that the team has a number 1 ranking in La liga, it is still not able win the title, and several times it has not even been able to finish in the top four.
There is a serious problem with the morale of the players, and no one is able solve it. Many of them do not even want to stay at the club if they are not able play in La fc.
Fans are not satisfied with the current state of the squad, and are ready for a change. However the club has no choice but to give up on the title and focus on the Europa league, where the team should be able compete with the best clubs.
How will the situation develop in the upcoming season?
In summer, the situation at the team was not very good, and a number 2 was not far away from the position of the number 1. Now, the number 2 is still far from the number one, but it is clear that the situation is not very stable.
A number of problems have been solved, and we can safely say that the club will be able finish in a higher position in the standings. The problems of Real are also not the most serious, but they are also very important, because they are the key to the club’ position in La la liga.
Now, the main problem of the Real Madrid team is the bad form of the coach. The last season was very successful for the coach, and after that he was dismissed.

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