Let’s be honest: Mourinho is no Guardiola – Iniesta

Let’s be honest: Mourinho is no Guardiola – Iniesta, Busquets, Bale, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, De Bruyne, Lewandowski, Ibrahim, Bale – he’s got them all. They are all top-rated players in their respective countries, and they are all extremely motivated. They want to win, and if they are not in the starting line-up, they will always be ready to come to the rescue.
In the summer, the team underwent a major overhaul, and the following players joined the team:
* Griezmann;
* Busqued;
β€’ Lewandowski;
De Bruyne;
This is a great opportunity to add a new dimension to the team, and this summer the team has managed to do this. The players are motivated and are ready to do their best, and it is their desire to win the Champions League.
The Premier League table is always interesting, and now it is much easier to follow the results of the teams, as well as to follow their progress in the tournament.
Live football scores
The English Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the world, and its results are very important for the teams. It is easy to follow live football scores, as the information is updated in real time.
Of course, the main goal of the clubs is to win trophies, but it is also important to win gold medals. This is why the teams strive to win in all competitions, and in the Premier League, this is extremely difficult.
However, the Premier league is not the only tournament in which the teams have to fight for gold medals and the title. In general, the competition in the Champions league is very intense, and there is no doubt that the teams will fight until the very last minute, and then they will be able to win.
You can follow the latest results of all the teams from all over the world on the website of sports statistics, where the information about the Premier and Champions league results is updated live.

The main goal for the clubs this season is to finish in the top-4 of the EPL. In the last season, the teams managed to finish at the top of the standings, but this time they will have to do it with the minimum number of points.
It is easy and convenient to follow all the results on the sports statistics website, as it is available in both English and Spanish versions.
All the latest news from the Premier tournament
The EPL is one the most intense tournaments in the entire world, because the teams fight for the title and the gold medals in every round. The teams have already managed to win it once, and that was in the season 2000/01, when Manchester United was the champion.
Now, the clubs have a lot of problems, and one of them is the fact that the leaders of the league are not able to perform in the best way. It has been shown in the past, and Manchester United is not a team that can be counted on.
Another problem is the failure of the leaders, and here the Red Devils are at the bottom of the table. The team has a lot to improve, and a lot can be done in the next season.
There are a lot more problems for the team in the current season, but the main thing is that the team is not able at the moment to perform well. It’s clear that the main task for the club this season will be to finish the championship in the first position.
At the moment, the Red devils are in the middle of the championship, and even if they managed to get into the top 4, they have a long way to go.
Follow the latest information from the EFL Cup
The season of the English Premier league has already ended, and so far, the Epl Cup has been won by Chelsea, who managed to take the trophy from the Red and Blues.
Chelsea is a team of great players, and among them you can find the following stars:
1. Eden Hazard.
2. Willian.
3. Mata.
4. Mata, Hazard, Willian, Mata, Willy.
5. Mata and Willian are the main leaders of Chelsea, and together they are able to decide the fate of the match.
Each of the players has his own style, and each of them has his advantages over the others.
One of the main problems of the team this season was the fact they were unable to find a suitable partner for Hazard. This problem was solved in the summer when Willian joined the club.
Willian is a player who is able to provide the necessary support to the main striker, and he is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them.
He is also able to make a number of assists, which is a good thing for the Chelsea.
Also, the club managed to find an excellent goalkeeper, who is the main reason for the success of the club in the EFA Cup.
Today, the goalkeeper is able, not only, to save the ball, but he is also a good defender, and his presence in the field allows the team to score a lot.

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