Is a surprise team ‘destroying’ the Premier League?

The English Premier League is the most popular football league in the world. It is the top league of the world, and its main competitors are the European Cups. The main rival of the Premier league is the Champions League.
The current season is very interesting for fans. The teams of the top four divisions of the English football league system have a chance to win the title. The last time the teams of these divisions were able to win it was in the 1990s.
However, the current season has a lot of surprises. The most interesting one is the fact that the teams from the bottom divisions of English football have a good chance of winning the championship.

The main surprise of the current campaign is the performance of the “Liverpool” team. The team has been performing quite well in the English Premier league for a long time, but it has recently started to lose points. The following reasons may explain the team’s poor results:
1. Lack of motivation. The Liverpool team has not been playing well for a few years. The previous season the team was considered one of the main favorites of the championship, but the previous season it lost points.
2. Poor form of the leaders. The leaders of the team, such as Suarez, Sturridge, Firmino, and Gerrard, have not been performing well.
3. Injuries. The players of the Liverpool team have a lot to do, because they have to recover from injuries.
4. In the current championship, the teams are not as strong as they were in the previous one.
This is why the team is not able to fight for the title, but at the same time, it is not giving up. The current season will be very interesting, because the teams have a great opportunity to fight it out for the champion title.
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Who will be the main contenders for the victory in the current English Premier?
The most interesting matches of this season are the matches between the teams that are in the middle of the standings. The fight for a place in the top-4 will be held in the next season. The contenders for victory include:
* “Manchester City”;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool;

* Leicester City;
The team of Jose Mourinho has a good opportunity to get into the top 4. The coach of the club has a very good squad, but they have not performed well in recent years.
In the current Premier league, the team of Mourinho is not the only one that is not performing well in this season. In fact, the following teams are also not performing very well:
• “Tottenham”. The Spurs are not able yet to win a trophy.
• Manchester United;
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea; and
* Manchester City.
All the teams in the Premier are not performing as well as they should. However, the main contender for victory is the team that has a great chance to get to the top of the table.
What is the main goal of the Manchester City?
In recent years, the Manchester club has been gradually getting into the elite of English soccer. In addition, the club is now considered one the main rivals of the Spanish La Liga.
At the moment, the City has a number of problems. The club has not won the Premier championship for a number years. In 2016, the Citizens lost the title to the team from Manchester United.
Many people consider the current situation of the City as a failure. However it is worth noting that the team has a chance of getting into a higher position.
It is important to note that the main competitor of the Citizens is the Spanish team, which is able to play with the Citizens in the Champions league.
Therefore, the next year, the fans of the Mancunians will be able to watch a really interesting football match.
Current position of the clubs in the EPL table
The EPL is a very interesting championship. The clubs of the premier division of English league system are very strong, and they have a high chance to fight the teams at the lower divisions.
There are many interesting matches that are held every season. One of the most interesting competitions is the EFL Cup. The EFL cup is a tournament that is held every year, and it is the best football tournament of the Epl.
One of the best teams in England is “Arsenal”, which has a high position in the standings of the league. The Gunners have a very strong squad, and the coach Arsene Wenger has a long experience in the team.
Recently, the coach has been trying to improve the results, and this is why he has been giving more attention to the players.
“Arsenal FC” is one of those teams that has been able to improve its results. The recent results of “Arsene Wenger” have been good. The results of this team are really impressive, and many people consider it as the main rival in the championship of England.
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