If Jesus wants to win La Liga, he will have to leave Valencia this summer – Pablo Machin Parejo

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and it is now time to see the results of the deals that were made. The main news is that the main club of the Spanish championship, Barcelona, has signed the Spanish international Lionel Messi from the Argentine Primera.
The Argentinean has already won the European Champion title with the club, and is now considered one of the main players of the Old Continent. He has already managed to score more than 100 goals in a season, and he is also the leader of the team in terms of assists.
However, the main question is whether Messi will stay in Barcelona or leave for a higher level. The Catalan club has already signed the Argentinean’s replacement, the forward Sergio Busquets, who will join the club for a fee of about 100 million euros.

This is a good move for Barcelona, because now the team has a new leader who can play in the attack and who will be able to improve the results. The club has also signed the defender Jordi Alba from Valencia, who is considered to be one of Spain’ main players.
It is now very important to see how the team will play in La Liga and whether Messi can continue to score goals. This season, Barcelona will be in a strong position, because the main competitors of the Catalans are Real Madrid and Atletico.
Will Messi stay in the team?
The main question of the summer transfer has now been answered, and the answer is a definite “yes”. The team has signed a number of top-rated players, and this is a great opportunity to improve their results.
In the last season, the club managed to win the Champions League for the first time in a long time. The previous time it was the team of Real Madrid that won the tournament.
This time, the Catalonians have a new coach, Ernesto Valverde, who has been in charge of the club since the beginning of the season. He managed to bring the team to the Champions league zone, and they are now considered to have a good chance of getting into the playoffs.
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Messi’s future
The season of the Champions is coming to an exciting end, because it is very important for the club to win gold medals. The Catalans have a great chance of doing this, because they have a number one player who is able to score a lot of goals and who is also able to distribute the ball to the other players. This is the main advantage of the Catalan team, and Ernesto has managed to use it.
Messi has already said that he wants to leave Barcelona, and now it is clear that he will not be able do so. The Argentinean is a true leader of his team, who can decide the fate of the match in a flash. This will be the main goal of the upcoming season, because Barcelona will have a lot to do, and Messi will have his own place in the lineup.
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Main results of La Liga
The start of the new season of La liga has already shown that the Catalonian team is not going to give up on the title. The first matches of the championship showed that the team is able not only to win, but also to fight for the title, which is very unusual for them.
Of course, the team needs time to find its game, and many players have already said so. However, the first rounds have shown that Ernesto’ team is ready to play in any conditions.
One of the most unexpected results of this season is the fact that the club has managed not to lose the title to Real Madrid. The Meringues are now in the top four, and are now only a few points behind Barcelona.
Despite the fact the team was very close to winning the title before the start of this championship, the gap between the teams has been reduced significantly. This can be seen by analyzing the results, because Real Madrid has already scored more points than Barcelona. However the Catalons have a large number of victories, and have already managed not only the title but also the victory in the Champions cup.
Now, the Meringos are in a very strong position. They are in the first position of the standings, and only a couple of points separate them from the leaders.
What can be expected from the team after the new year?
In La ligue, the teams are playing in the Europa League, which means that the teams will have more chances to win. The competition in the domestic championship is also very intense, and there is a high probability that the leaders will be replaced by new players. It is now important to watch the results and see how Ernesto will use the new players, because he is known for using only the best players in the squad.
At the moment, the Catalan club is in a good shape, because many of the leaders have already left the team. The only one who is still in the starting lineup is Messi, who scored a lot in the season and is considered one the main leaders of the squad, although he is not the best player in the field.

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