Abramovich attacked his players like dogs

Abramovich attacked his players like dogs after the defeat. “We are not the same team that lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League. We are not in the best shape and we are not able to show our full potential. We need to correct this situation and we will do it in the next matches.”
The team will play with the following lineups:
* Ivanovic;
* Kolarov;
* Maksimovic;
* Vrančić;
* Kuzmanov;
* Tadic.

The Serbian coach is confident that the team will be able to win the title. ”We have a good chance. We have a lot of matches ahead. We will try to win them all.“
– –
The team will try their best to win all the matches. The main task is to win against the Catalans. ‘Real’ is not a team that is easily defeated, but the Catalonians are a very strong team.
“We have to do our best to achieve our goals. We must not lose points in matches with the Catalons. We can not afford to lose points and this is the main goal of the team.’ –
‘Barcelona’ has already lost to ‘Atletico’ and ‘Juventus’. The Catalans are a good team, but they are not as strong as ‘Barça’, ‘PSG’ or ‘Liverpool’; the Catalonian players are not so motivated and they lose points easily.
In the next season, the Catalunya team will have a new coach. ’Barcelona’ will have the opportunity to get rid of the ‘Lionel Messi’ who is not able anymore to score. The club will have to find a new striker.
The Catalans will play against ‘Manchester City’ in the English Premier League. The ‘citizens’ have already lost against “Chelsea” and “Arsenal”. The team is not in a good shape, but it is still able to play with “Liverpool”, “Manchester United” or “Tottenham” in the EPL.
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This year, the main favorites of the new season are:
1. „Manchester City” – the team has already won the EFL Cup and the Premier League title. It is the first time that the club will play in the FA Cup. The previous season, „City“ lost to Chelsea in the final. The new coach wants to get revenge.
2. ‚“Liverpool” – “LIVERPOOL” has already been in the top 4 for several years. The coach wants the team to be in the same position.
3. ‛“TOTAL” – ”TOTAL” is a team from the Netherlands that won the European Cup. It has already played in the Premier league for several seasons.
4. †“Barcelona” – The Catalonans have a long history in the Spanish championship. They have won the Champions trophy a few times.
5. ‗““Arsenal”” – “ARSA” won the FA cup the last time. The current season, it will play for the title of the best team in the country.
6. ‟“Chelsea”“ – „chelsea” is a famous team from London. It won the Premier title for several times. The last season, they lost to the “Barcelonas” of “City” but the coach wants his players to win gold medals again.
7. ‡“Manchester City “ – the team is one of the main contenders for the champion title. The leaders are still young and have a great potential.
8. ‖“ Liverpool “ – the ”Liverpool“ is one the best teams in the world. The players have a high level of motivation and are ready to fight for the victory.
9. ‑“ Tottenham “”Tottenham” is the team from England. It was founded in the early 90s and won the champion trophy several times, but in recent years it has not been able to repeat its success.
10. ‰“ ”Manchester United “ “United“ are a team of young players from the Old Trafford stadium. The season is not over yet, but already they are in the middle of the championship.
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Latest livescore of the ECL final
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It’ll be held in the summer.

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